Symbolic Gestures- Band Warming

A nice way to involve your guests, particularly with a small to medium sized wedding, is to have a Band Warming at the beginning of your ceremony. I like to suggest the oldest or youngest person in the room starts it, especially if the couple have children or grannies, but it can start with anyone.

Whoever has the wedding rings holds them in their hands for a few moments, just long enough to warm them a little and, as they do so, think of all the hopes and dreams they have for the couple. Once they’ve finished, they pass them on to the next person and so on. Eventually, the rings make their way all the way round the room, back to the best man in time for the vows and declarations.

It’s an easy inclusion in your wedding and needs very little more than the rings you already have. I always suggest that you put the bands in a wee bag rather than leave them loose. If they are enclosed in a bag and the bag is dropped, no harm done. If the rings are loose and they are dropped, that could be a disaster, especially if you are outside.

It also prevents people putting them on their own fingers and then discovering they can’t get them off! I don’t mind telling people I used to be a funeral director and I can remove ALL jewellery with ease. That normally gets them trying a little harder…..


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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the key to a successful wedding is involving other people. Perhaps you know a talented cross-stitcher who could work with your pal who is good at drawing, between them creating something very special? The knowledge that someone took the time and effort to make this for your wedding day is just priceless. It’s a little like when you see a new baby in a hand-knitted cardigan; you know that wee baby is loved, don’t you? Just like that.

You don’t have to use a bag. Ring cushions are a more traditional option but there is the risk that, for fear the rings work their way loose, they are tied too tight. I always carry scissors for that very emergency but I’m not mad keen on ring cushions. It would be alright if it was frog-shaped though, even if that frog did look a little, erm, peeved.


You can also use ribbon to tie them together, perhaps adding a label with some short instructions or, if you are a keen climber, what about a carabiner?



Or maybe you could make a tassel keyring using material with meaning- the t shirt worn when you first met, a tie from the university you both attended, a piece of mum’s wedding dress……


Or you could tie them to an appropriate book….


Or, for something a little different……


….or forego handing them round and catch your guests on the way in.


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