Wedding- Diane & Thomas

‘Make it funny’

Strikes a chill in my heart, that does.

Diane and Thomas wanted funny. Thankfully, they were funny people! The story of how they met got together was brilliant, their guests were quick to laugh and join in and the wedding, whilst formal at the right bits, had a really relaxed feel to it, lots of laughter, the occasional tear and an Oscars-style selfie at the beginning!

Diane & Thomas selfie

The girls all got ready together, champagne flowing nicely.


The boys played on the swings.


Diane was walked down the aisle in the Lynnhurst Hotel by her seven year old grandson, Darren who, when asked if he was ‘happy for his Granny and Thomas to be married and content to wish them well as they take this first step in their married lives together?’, replied, ‘Hmmmmmmm. Let me think about it!’ Darren’s little sister, Lucy, was the most perfect flower girl- fun, cute and a total show-stealer!


Just before their legal vows, Diane promised to let Thomas believe he was right and Thomas agreed that he would be quiet, at least every now and again. I’ll be honest- it’s a good job neither of these vows were actually legally binding as I think they were busted by the time they had finished lighting their Unity Candle!


2 thoughts on “Wedding- Diane & Thomas

  1. Thank you so much Claire. You made our wedding day so special. It was just what we wanted. You made everyone feel relaxed.Thomas and I couldn’t have wished for more.We felt as if we had known you for years.You gave it 110%.Eveyone commented , saying it was the best ceremony they had ever been to xx

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